martes, 16 de enero de 2018


Un día triste...parece mentira que llevemos aquí 6 días y mañana volvamos, pero lo importante es que nos llevamos la mochila de experiencias, vivencias, y somos personas diferentes. Como profesora y encargada de esta preciosa labor, sólo decir que me siento muy orgullosa de tod@s y cada uno de vosotros, habéis estado a la altura y os habéis quedado con el gran gusto y sensación de querer repetir. Gracias por las caras de felicidad que le habéis regalado a Holanda!

A sad is incredible that we have been here for 6 days and we are leaving tomorrow, but the most important thing is that we come back with a backpack full of experiences and we are different people. As your teacher and person in charge of this beautiful Project, I just have to say that I feel proud of you all, you have fulfilled my expectations and the most important thing is that you keep the feeling of wanting to live this experience again. Thanks for the happiness you have given Holland!and thanks for the hospitality, for the gente, kind and marvellous colleagues we have met, Marieke and Yvette, you're great! And thanks to Joost and Sigi for all your support!

To the Panorama!!!

Two of my best students undoubtedly!

The Spanish group and the teachers Cora, Yvette and Marieke

Nice handwriting!

In the Panorama!

Yes! We pay attention!

In the Escher Museum

Questionnaire challenge!

Welcome to the farewell dinner!

Winners of the short movie

Winners of the greatest building!

Winners of the tallest building!

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